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You need something new. Something that can comply with requirements, but you know that it must be awesome, bright, happy and so could impress. You are in process of looking for some extraordinarity. Some Super power. Some Super F results. Well, first of all, you should try to say 'che-e-se' - the magic word that will let you in our world. Done? Ladies and gentlemen, wanna be super heroes, boys and girls, producers and directors - welcome to FUN-DA-MENTAL Agency. A creative photo-agency, a family, a super crowd, who’s aim is to provide top notch impressions via creation of super quality works, to tell stories, and help sell great products. We try to make the industry and surrounding world a better place, and of course to have fun doing so. We like when people who worked with us say something like: ‘WOW, This is the quality, this is cool! Look at how much work was put in to this! What a great (i.e. FUN DA MENTAL) result!’. You will soon start saying it too. Otherwise we will shoot you.

telephone: +7(916)1477334

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