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Smile kiddo!

Tatiana Baikova

Once up on a time, an amazing druid child-photographer, which you may not know, has passed a sacred knowledge on to Tania. “Do not be afraid to be funny, my dear! A smile opens up the soul of a human being!” Said he.

Since then, Smiles Huntress wears her rabbit ears hat to get the reaction she needs to capture great pictures. She loves taking pictures of kids and they love her back, because she treats them as grownups. Little grownups.

Smiles Huntress started her line of work with photo-sessions of kids for parents, but her talent was soon noticed by Hearst Shkulev Media, and Tania was invited to create images for Happy Parents magazine. That would be enough of boring letters for now, have a look at her portfolio for the better. Lot’s of great stuff there.

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