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Ksusha Smyr & Jenya Chapaykina

CristalGirls aka Sol Photo is a group of two artists from Russia, Evgeniya Chapaykina and Ksusha Smyr, working especially with photography, installation and contemporary sculpture. 'Sol Photo' was formed in 2016. Evgeniya graduated from the Rodchenko Moscow School of Photography and Multimedia in 2015 and Ksusha is a graduate of Speos, Photography School in Paris in 2013. The artists met each other in International Summer School of Photography in Pelci, Latvia in 2014. Artists scope of interest includes the rethinking of the rituals and historical events, the establishment of the links between the past and present events, the research of the spaces and the work with the local contexts to construct our own metamythology.

Flowers of Evil 2017 (digital printing) Where have you been, Yura? 2016 (installation: archive photo, neon) Dump 2016 (digital printing) Today with you (artist Ksusha Smyr, curator Evgeniya Chapaikina) 2016 Group exhibitions: The boundaries of feelings "Love" (curator Natalia Dubovik), independent playground "Squat on Milyutinsky", Moscow, Artplay (curators: Yasha, Marina Rudenko)

CristalGirls are you perfect choice for Still Life and art photography.

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