Welcome to FUN’DA’MENTAL

We are a creative talent agency, a family, who’s aim is to provide top notch content, to tell stories, and most importantly help sell great products. Our talent includes photographers, directors, DOP’s, illustrators, animators, stylists, hair & makeup artists, nail artists, set designers, and full service photo-production, as well as post-poduction. Within our group, we represent and accelerate growth for our established artists and emerging talent. Both our agents, producers and artists are creative solution providers for advertising agencies, productions and clients.

Founded onboard of «Valery Brusov» ship at the heart of Moscow in 2015, FUN’DA’MENTAL developed in to a full talent service for clients the list of which is way too long to fit this page.

Our aim is to manage & represent the best of image makers, working in a range of creative disciplines.

We try to make the industry and surrounding world a better place, and of course, to have fun doing so.

Dima Gushchin
Victor Prusikov
Agent / Producer
Anton Rumyantsev
Agent / Post Production
Fedor Anisimov
Agent / Digital Assistant